Well Balanced Woman

Are you ready to boost your energy, fire up your metabolism and lose that stubborn weight?

Well Balanced Woman

Are you ready to boost your energy, fire up your metabolism and lose that stubborn weight?

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Are you the next Well Balanced Woman?

Are you a woman over 40 wanting to lose weight, increase energy and reduce stress?

Are you tired of waking up tired, and wanting to throw back the covers refreshed and ready to take on the day?

What if you could take back control of those mood swings, and kiss those hot flashes and night sweats goodbye?

Would you like to bring back that spark in the bedroom, and feel good about what you see in the mirror again?

Are you DONE with restrictive diets, crazy gym routines and trying to work out the ‘right’ foods to eat?

Then the answer is YES this program is for you! Unlock the path to a healthy balance.

  • Get back into your old jeans (oh yeah!)
  • Sleep like a baby (well…maybe not my babies)
  • Bring your sexy back and make bedtime fun again
  • Put yourself back on your priority list
  • Clear your mind and get your focus back
  • Minimise the onslaught of scary menopause symptoms


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The good news is, it IS possible to feel like YOU again!

In fact most Well Balanced Women tell me they feel like the best version of themselves now – in their forties, fifties and beyond.

And I know exactly how they feel.

I know that because I’ve been where you are now.

Exhausted, burnt out, and frustrated. I’d tried ‘all the things’ but nothing seemed to work.

And for every kilo I lost, I soon found again – and then some!

After accepting that the old way of doing things wasn’t working for me, I was finally able to find my way back to a healthier, happier mind and body.

That’s something I wanted to share with other women too. So I created the Well Balanced Woman – a 12-week program designed to help you hit RESET on your hormones and metabolism, so you can start living your best life yet.

How it Works

Are your hormones to blame?

It’s not you, it’s your hormones.

The women I work with are always relieved to hear that.

And it’s true.

If you no longer recognise the woman looking back at you in a mirror, or you’ve become cranky and quick to temper, please know…

This isn’t your fault. It isn’t permanent. And you CAN turn it around.

As we approach menopause, our hormones begin to shift. In a BIG way!

The last time that happened was during pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, and before that – puberty.

They are all big changes in life that we honour and acknowledge, but as busy 40+ women, we tend to just motor on.

Even when the road ahead isn’t clear and the wheels are falling off!

And we’re likely to try old ways of dealing with the issues that arise, like exercising more and eating less.

Only to realise that doesn’t work for us now, in fact, it makes things worse.

Do you have any of these signs of hormonal imbalance?

Struggling to get to sleep or waking through the night?

Waking up tired and battling to stay awake during the day?

Battling with bloat and digestive issues?

Fighting stubborn weight that doesn’t want to shift?

Experiencing hot flashes and night sweats?

Feeling cranky, snappy, and like your moods are out of your control?

Taking out your emotions on the people around you?

Feeling like something isn’t right, even though the tests say there’s nothing wrong?

I know you’re not feeling your best

& I know you’re looking for answers.

I’ve been there too, and I remember how trapped I felt in my own body.

I couldn’t sleep well, always woke up tired, and struggled to stay awake during the day. I was waking up with coffee, reaching for chocolate in the afternoon, and winding down with wine at night. I started stacking on the weight, which made me feel even worse.

I had no patience for my children, and even hearing my husband chew was driving me crazy. I had no libido, and lost interest in everything I had loved before.

But all the tests said I was ‘normal’.

There was a time where I started to think, maybe this is just what getting older looks like.

Lady, was I wrong!

I feel better now than I did 10 years ago, but it took a lot of time and trial and error (LOTS of them) to get here. Restrictive diets, fasting and over-exercising left me depleted. I completely hit a wall, total burnout. Some days I couldn’t even get off the couch.  Cooking dinner for my children was almost too hard. And I was a nightmare to live with.

That’s when I realised the answer didn’t lie in another crazy eating plan or another grueling gym program.  I had already punished myself for far too long.

What I needed was to be gentle with myself.

Nurture and nourish my body, fill my cup.

That meant learning to relax my mind, manage my stress levels, balance my blood sugars,


say goodbye to my vices, just for a short while at least.

This allowed me to finally address the root cause of my problems, balance my hormones, restore my adrenal health and reset my digestion.

Only then did I find the relief, and results, I had been searching for.

Is it time to find your balance?

The Well Balanced Woman

has the answers you’ve been searching for…

Imagine feeling empowered and in control of your body, mind, health, and yes, those pesky hormones!

What if you could wake up refreshed from a good night’s sleep, feeling lighter, clearer and more energised.

And instead of hiding behind layers, you could feel fabulous in everything you pull out of your wardrobe.

Or being able to enjoy a glass of wine, rather than feeling like you NEED it to survive.

Let me tell you, it is possible! And this could be you just twelve weeks from now.

The Well Balanced Woman 12-week program has been created to help you enjoy all of this and more.

You will receive:

• Three telehealth appointments with me to plan and personalise your program

• Ongoing support and weekly calls to help keep you on track

• Food sensitivity testing to finally work out which foods work for you – and which ones don’t
$200 worth of high quality nutritional supplements

• Weekly live coaching and Q&A calls – because you can never have too much support

• A holistic health plan to reset your metabolism, detox your body and balance your hormones

• Sustainable, realistic food and nutrition choices that make eating enjoyable again

• Lifestyle and mindfulness guidance to help you relax – without relying on wine!

• Wholefood recipes that are simple, quick and affordable

• Online yoga classes you can do in the privacy of your living room, in your comfiest pants of course!

• Lifetime access to a supportive community of like-minded women

• Ebooks and video downloads to help you feel informed and empowered

• BONUS FREE GIFT: LymFATic gloves to support your detoxification pathways.

How it Works
My Guarantee

How will the Well Balanced Woman program help me?

Although it feels like your body is working against you right now, our bodies can do a great job of self-regulating when they’re healthy and in balance.

When our systems aren’t working as they should be, such as our endocrine system which produces hormones, there is a domino effect on all of the other systems in our body.

This creates inflammation and the unwanted symptoms commonly seen in menopause and perimenopause, such as digestive issues, bloating, brain fog, fatigue and mood swings.

The Well Balanced Woman offers a four-phase holistic approach to women’s health that can restore balance to these hormones, helping to fire up the metabolism and change the way your body responds to stress.

Phase 1: We work on getting the right balance of nutrients into your meals to stabilise blood sugar, support energy and kill off cravings.

Phase 2: We put gut health in the spotlight, improve nutrient absorption, and identify any foods that are problematic for you using sensitivity testing, while working on reducing bloating, and regulating any constipation, diarrhoea heartburn or nausea.

Phase 3: A gentle liver detox protocol (our hormone filtration system), especially designed for women going through perimenopause or menopause. We focus on reducing the load on the liver and getting essential nutrients in, for more balanced hormones and improved thyroid function.

Phase 4: We aim to change the way your body responds to stress and switch from storing fat to burning it. We build on the mindset support weaved throughout the program, and uncover the crucial steps you’ll need to regain your confidence.

Why you’ll never need to diet again

The Well Balanced Woman is unlike anything you’ve tried before. It’s not a diet, and it’s not a weight loss program.

Instead, it combines an evidence-based nutritional medicine approach to food, with holistic mindset and movement support to balance hormones, improve digestion and restore energy and vitality, long after the program ends.

If that sounds a little complicated, don’t worry, it really is easy!

And best of all, it’s fun.

Created specifically for women over 40, the program offers all the guidance, tools, support and accountability you need to not only help you reach your goals, but also sustain them.

It’s personalised to address your unique needs, including nutritional supplements prescribed just for you, because there is no such thing as one-size fits all.

And rather than the restrictive dieting, calorie counting or grueling fitness programs you might have tried in the past, this is all about learning how to nourish your body in a way that feels good for you.

Weight loss can never be guaranteed, but it is a natural side effect of being healthy, having balanced hormones, and a happy digestive system that’s working for you, not against you.

And you won’t be going it alone. More than 120 women are already on this journey, and they’re raving about changes they’re seeing within just a week or two.

Well Balanced Woman Guarantee from Kylie Pinwill

My Guarantee
About Kylie

Kylie Pinwill – Well Balanced Woman Founder

You might know me from Livewire Nutrition. Perhaps we’ve crossed paths on social media, or maybe you joined in one of my recent webinars.

If so, you’ll know I’m not your typical nutritionist.

Sure I love a good green juice now and then, but I love a cheeky wine too!

I don’t believe in crash diets, counting calories or torturous exercise routines.

And I reject the idea that being healthy means missing out on fun. (Life’s too short!)

But I also know what it feels like to be trapped in a mind and body that feels like it isn’t yours.

Or to look in the mirror and wonder where the old (younger) you has gone.

Yep, I’ve been right where you are now.

Battling with my thyroid, fighting my metabolism (and losing) and living in denial about getting older and approaching menopause.

The good news is, I’m going to hit the big FIVE OH next year, I’m still here and I feel fabulous!

I’m able to bounce out of bed excited about everything the day has in store for me, as a mum, a business woman, a nutritionist and as the creator behind Well Balanced Woman.

I’m far from perfect, and I still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. But I’ve finally found that balance I was searching for.

Everything I’ve learnt along the way, I have poured into this program so you can reap the rewards, without the guesswork!

But enough about me, this is YOUR journey. I’m just here to lend a helping hand and be your personal cheer squad. You’ve got this!

Well Balanced Woman Guarantee from Kylie Pinwill

About Kylie

Got questions? Here's some answers...

How soon will I get my energy back?

This can happen pretty fast! By making sure you are eating the right balance of food and taking supplements if you need to,  you’ll lose that afternoon slump, your mood will calm and you’ll sleep more soundly to wake up refreshed. We are all very individual, so some notice this instantly and for others it takes a few weeks, but I guarantee it will happen!

Do I have to exercise?

Yes, you do. While I won’t be telling you how many burpees you need to do, it’s important for your overall physical and mental health to find some form of movement that works for you. This could be Cross Fit, Yoga, a walk with the dog or anything in between.
That being said, if you are feeling exhausted and depleted afterwards, then maybe that isn’t the right exercise for you right now.

What are the supplements involved?

Supplements may be prescribed to you following your initial appointment and a review of your blood tests. All recommended supplements are practitioner only products, and usually a therapeutic dose is recommended to give you the best results. Supplements are entirely optional.

Will my groceries be more expensive?

You will be buying more fresh, whole foods and less packaged food which may seem expensive at first. If you think about the long term cost of trips to the doctor, medications, dentist visits and so on, think of filling your trolley full of nutritious whole foods as an insurance policy for your future health.

Can I still drink coffee?

Yes, you can. I love my coffee too, so I’m not going to make you give it up. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, but we’ll look at whether that “pick up” is doing you any favours or playing havoc on your nervous system.

Do I have to give up wine?

I should put this at the top as it’s the most FAQ!

No, I won’t make you stop drinking entirely, (maybe for a week or two) but we are going to check in with your drinking habits. Are you drinking every day? Are you drinking for stress relief? Or to block out work/life/home? Can you go a few days without a drink? We’ll take a dive into your drinking habits and how alcohol can become problematic for your health.

I’d like to…but it’s a lot of money to spend on myself.

There are a million ways I could answer this, but yes – it is an investment. Consider it as an investment in YOU and your future well being. You could google and get tonnes of free info but really, is that going to be enough to make the transformation you really want? Think about how you want to feel in 3 months time. Do you really want to be feeling just as frustrated a year from now? The choice is yours and to make it easier, I have set up two options for you – pay upfront and save OR there is a fortnightly payment plan.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! There are payment plans available.

Join our Community

Access to our private Facebook Community – We’re all in this together!

This is a private members only area for sharing, supporting and celebrating.

There are scheduled live Q&A sessions and bonus live videos, so you will always feel supported.

No woman is left behind!

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Are you ready to change?

You tell me! Are you ready for:

  • More energy and enthusiasm to get back to doing the things you love
  • Delicious, easy meals that banish the bloat
  • A clear, calm and confident mindset that feels like the old you, but better!
  • Fitting into your favourite jeans again – and everything else you’ve pushed to the back of the wardrobe
  • Bringing sexy back! Having fun in the bedroom, and feeling beautiful in your birthday suit
  • Genuinely enjoying time with your family and loved ones – and being a joy to be around
  • Getting informed and empowered about menopause and natural ways to manage your symptoms
  • Being able to enjoy a wine at the end of the day, rather than relying on it.

If you said yes to any of the above, then YES, you’re ready!

Well Balanced Woman Guarantee from Kylie Pinwill

Well Balanced Woman Package

  • Three structured appointments to personalise your plan
  • Bonus weekly check-ins to keep you supported and accountable
  • Food sensitivity test to identify what’s creating inflammation in your body
  • Up to $200 of initial prescribed nutrition supplements to help you get the best results
  • Weekly live coaching and Q&A Calls so you’re always moving towards achieving your goals
  • 4 Phase plan to reset your metabolism
  • Weekly diet and lifestyle downloads and videos to help you make sustainable changes
  • Whole Foods Every Day Recipe eBook so you’ll always know what’s for dinner
  • Lifetime access to a supportive community of like minded women
  • Eating Mindfully eBook
  • Detox Guide
  • LymFATic gloves to support your detoxification pathways
  • 3 months access to online Naturopathic Yoga

Be quick. Enrolments close soon!


Well Balanced Woman

All inclusive – no hidden costs.

Pay in full and save
Or payment plan options available

Invest With Confidence Guarantee

I know that the Well Balanced Woman can help you make the changes you want to, so hand on my heart, I can guarantee that the program will be filled with valuable content you can watch, listen to and download. BUT to see a change, YOU need to make a change. If after 14 days you don’t feel that we’re delivering valuable content, and you can show that you’ve used the materials and participated in the group calls and taken action on the tasks, then I’ll happily refund your money (less the costs of any testing). No questions asked.

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