Well Balanced Woman

Are you ready to boost your energy, fire up your metabolism and lose that stubborn weight?

Well Balanced Woman

Are you ready to boost your energy, fire up your metabolism and lose that stubborn weight?

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Balance your hormones for a more balanced life

Frustrated that you aren’t getting the changes you want?
It’s not you, it’s your hormones

The Well Balanced Woman Program
will help you…

  • Get back into your old jeans (oh yeah!)
  • Sleep like a baby (well…maybe not my babies)
  • Bring your sexy back and make bedtime fun again
  • Put yourself back on your priority list
  • Clear your mind and get your focus back
  • Minimise the onslaught of scary menopause symptoms


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This program is right for you if:

  • You’re feeling tired and rundown and you can’t remember the last time you felt like yourself
  • You’ve had test’s run and been told you’re “normal”, yet you feel anything but normal
  • You’re doing all the “right” things and the weight just isn’t shifting
  • You feel cranky and snappy more often than happy and bubbly

This program is not:

  • A quick fix, a magic pill or a meal replacement shake
  • Sending you off on the hunt for weird and whacky ingredients
  • Full of time consuming recipes that your family won’t eat
  • About restrictive eating and killer workouts
  • Losing weight fast...only to gain it back and more once you stop

Here's what my clients think...

Kylie is a life changer!

Within days I felt a big shift in my energy and also my mood – I feel so much calmer and my family have really noticed the change. I’m starting to feel really good in my clothes, not bloated and yuck all the time.”

Deb, 47

Sunshine Coast

I feel like I’m in a much better headspace - no more overwhelm!

“I tried everything after I put on about 5kgs last year. Now I’m eating more than I was before and am down 7kg! I couldn’t be happier! My energy has really improved but the biggest surprise was how much better my anxiety is, I had no idea that what you eat can affect you so much. I feel like I’m in a much better headspace – no more overwhelm!”



It’s The Change before The Change!

“I didn’t know there were such big hormone changes in your 40’s. I thought that all menopause stuff happened in your 50’s. It’s The Change before The Change! Once Kylie helped me understand what was going on with my body, things made so much more sense. I now know how important it is to take some time to look after myself and my needs. I’m totally ready for this menopause caper now, LOL! Thanks Kylie.”

Michelle, 48

Sunshine Coast

Kylie showed me that it wasn’t all about the food

“I’d done all the diets, I quit sugar, paleo, gluten free, veggo and my weight always dropped a bit at first, but then I’d end up even heavier than before. Kylie showed me that it wasn’t all about what I was eating (or rather NOT eating) as much as the constant stress I put myself under that stopped me from reaching my goals. Just over 10 kgs down now and counting!!”

Danielle, 45


How it Works

Well Balanced Woman

Everything you need in one place.
12 Modules + BONUS Materials.

Module 1

Let’s get started!

An individual appointment to deep dive into your specific needs

Module 2

Kill your cravings

Reboot your energy and balance your blood sugar

Module 3

Love your liver

Fire up your metabolism

Module 4

Reduce your liver load

Waking up a sluggish detoxification system

Module 5

Hormone Hijackers

Detox your life

Module 6

Banish the bloat

Sort your digestion and say goodbye to constipation

Module 7

Emotional eating

Get off that diet rollercoaster for good

Module 8

What’s really draining your energy?

Simple steps to get your life back

Module 9

Going beyond massages and bath bombs

What self care really means

Module 10

Healing your metabolism

While still enjoying chocolate and wine

Module 11

Great sex at any age

Embracing life’s changes

Module 12

You’ve got this!

Say goodbye to psycho Mum for good

Valued at over $2000

• 3 x appointments to personalise the program and support your individual needs (Valued $500)

• Food sensitivity test to identify what’s creating inflammation in your body (Valued $300)

• Initial prescription of practitioner only supplements to help you get the best results (Valued $200)

• Weekly support and accountability check ins to ensure you reach your goals (Valued $600)

• Weekly diet and lifestyle downloads and videos to help you make sustainable changes (Value $1000)

• Whole Foods Every Day Recipe eBook so you’ll always know what’s for dinner (Value $29)

• Lifetime access to a supportive community of likeminded women (Priceless)

• 3 x months access to Naturopathic Yoga ($120)

• A Good Gut Feeling eBook ($30)

• Weightloss Master Class ($49)

• Eating Mindfully eBook ($25)

• Detox Guide ($49)

How it Works
My Guarantee

My Guarantee to you

In my clinic I see so many women who are constantly tired and they’re frustrated with trying to eat well but still putting on weight. They have mood swings that they don’t even see coming.

This isn’t who they are, or who they want to be.

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine if there was another way.

Imagine in 3 months time you are feeling great in your clothes. Your confidence has returned. You are waking refreshed and energised – and this lasts all day. Your cravings have gone and you can enjoy a glass of wine , not be desperate for one. Best of all your partner and kids have commented and you don’t feel as scary to be around. It’s a great feeling and there’s no looking back for you now.

How do you want to feel in 3 months time?

Join me in the Well Balanced Woman and you can have this too.

What are you waiting for?

Well Balanced Woman Guarantee from Kylie Pinwill

My Guarantee
About Kylie

Meet Kylie – Well Balanced Woman, Nutritionist & Super Coach

Hi, I’m Kylie!

I am…
Closer to 50 than 40 (Eeek – just writing that feels weird)
Convinced I’m still 29 (phew…)
Missing half my thyroid
Often in negotiations with my metabolism
A lover of good food and wine
A registered nutritionist and business owner (so grown up…)
A border collie owner (so you’d think I’d be a bit fitter…)
A wife, mum, daughter, sister and friend
An unpaid Uber driver, chef, referee and concierge
An imperfect human juggling all the balls.

When it comes to losing weight in our 40’s and beyond, eating less and moving more just doesn’t cut it.

If you’re constantly feeling tired

Gaining weight, especially around the middle

Feeling like the psycho Mum

Then your hormones are out of whack and no amount of salad and gruelling gym sessions  is going to change anything.

It’s frustrating and it’s hard, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Here’s where I can help you, just like I’ve helped over 500 women in clinic and in my programs.

Here’s my hormone history:

  • I’m in my mid 40’s
  • I have half a thyroid
  • I take thyroxine most days, unless I forget
  • I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s on the Pill
  • I spent a lot of my 40’s on the Mirena
  • I’m now doing much better without either
  • I had trouble falling pregnant after being on the pill
  • I’ve miscarried
  • I’ve had 3 healthy babies
  • I had mixed experiences breastfeeding
  • I’ve experienced burn out
  • I’ve had hormone levels off the charts
  • I had trouble sleeping
  • I have squishy bits around my middle
  • I’ve tried every eating style under the sun
  • I know there is no one right way that works for everyone.
  • I know it’s not all about diet and exercise
  • I know that it is about the right foods and movement
  • I know you need for find out what works for YOU
  • I also know your body changes
  • What worked in your 20”s and 30”s is not right for your 40’s and 50’s.

 Feeling exhausted, fat and cranky is NOT a normal part of getting older!

Well Balanced Woman Guarantee from Kylie Pinwill

About Kylie

Got questions? Here's some answers...

How soon will I get my energy back?

This can happen pretty fast! By making sure you are eating the right balance of food and taking supplements if you need to,  you’ll lose that afternoon slump, your mood will calm and you’ll sleep more soundly to wake up refreshed. We are all very individual, so some notice this instantly and for others it takes a few weeks, but I guarantee it will happen!

Do I have to exercise?

Yes, you do. While I won’t be telling you how many burpees you need to do, it’s important for your overall physical and mental health to find some form of movement that works for you. This could be Cross Fit, Yoga, a walk with the dog or anything in between.
That being said, if you are feeling exhausted and depleted afterwards, then maybe that isn’t the right exercise for you right now.

What are the supplements involved?

Supplements may be prescribed to you following your initial appointment and a review of your blood tests. All recommended supplements are practitioner only products, and usually a therapeutic dose is recommended to give you the best results. Supplements are entirely optional.

Will my groceries be more expensive?

You will be buying more fresh, whole foods and less packaged food which may seem expensive at first. If you think about the long term cost of trips to the doctor, medications, dentist visits and so on, think of filling your trolley full of nutritious whole foods as an insurance policy for your future health.

Can I still drink coffee?

Yes, you can. I love my coffee too, so I’m not going to make you give it up. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, but we’ll look at whether that “pick up” is doing you any favours or playing havoc on your nervous system.

Do I have to give up wine?

I should put this at the top as it’s the most FAQ!

No, I won’t make you stop drinking entirely, (maybe for a week or two) but we are going to check in with your drinking habits. Are you drinking every day? Are you drinking for stress relief? Or to block out work/life/home? Can you go a few days without a drink? We’ll take a dive into your drinking habits and how alcohol can become problematic for your health.

I’d like to…but it’s a lot of money to spend on myself.

There are a million ways I could answer this, but yes – it is an investment. Consider it as an investment in YOU and your future well being. You could google and get tonnes of free info but really, is that going to be enough to make the transformation you really want? Think about how you want to feel in 3 months time. Do you really want to be feeling just as frustrated a year from now? The choice is yours and to make it easier, I have set up two options for you – pay upfront and save OR there is a fortnightly payment plan.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes there is!
A fortnightly payment plan of 6 x $280
There is also a saving option if you’d like to pay upfront.

Join our Community

Access to our private Facebook Community – We’re all in this together!

This is a private members only area for sharing, supporting and celebrating.

There are scheduled live Q&A sessions and bonus live videos, so you will always feel supported.

No woman is left behind!

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Limited Places

Limited intake to ensure personal attention and accountability (ie you get results!)

Well Balanced Woman Package

  • 3 x private appointments with Kylie via Zoom. An initial appointment to review your personal health goals and challenges to so you get the best outcome. Two follow up appointments to keep you on track to reach your goals, make any adjustments, answer your questions.
  • Initial hormone profile and lifestyle assessment
  • Food sensitivity test to identify any reactive foods and products, to give you the best results without the need for eliminating entire food groups
  • Recommended blood tests and analysis - to help identify any red flags or deficiencies. Also learn to distinguish what’s considered “normal” (based on a statistic), from what’s “optimal” (ie a healthy state!)
  • Three phases of meal plans - to balance your blood sugar and reduce cravings, increase your energy, improve your detoxification pathways and ultimately shrink your waistline.
  • Weekly online classes - deep dive into all aspects of your hormones, live Q&A sessions, replay recordings and bonus materials
  • Masterclasses with guest experts including replay recordings
  • Private Facebook group – supportive community, fun and juicy conversations.

Optional testing available:

  • Salivary hormone and cortisol testing
  • Thyroid panels
  • Full blood testing
  • Stool testing for microbiome and parasite
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